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Evergreen Landcare Wellington

Nestled in the heart of the capital city, Evergreen Landcare Wellington proudly extends its roots into the rich soil of Wellington’s landscapes.
Established in 2015 on the back of the Transmission Gully Project, Evergreen Landcare has since been committed to shaping Wellington’s green spaces. Join us on a journey of environmental excellence as we introduce a spectrum of services designed to transform, nurture, and sustain the unique beauty of Wellington.

Landscaping Marvels: Elevating Wellington’s Natural Elegance

Evergreen Landcare’s dedication to landscaping goes beyond the superficial, focusing on creating thriving ecosystems that seamlessly blend with Wellington’s natural elegance. Landscape Planting takes center stage, strategically placing vegetation to enhance visual harmony while contributing to improved air quality and overall well-being.
Our commitment extends to Revegetation Planting, where we actively participate in the restoration of native vegetation, fostering biodiversity and creating resilient landscapes.

Landscape Construction and Raingardens: Shaping Urban Green Spaces

In the heart of Wellington’s urban landscape, Evergreen Landcare excels in Landscape Construction and Raingardens, seamlessly merging functionality with aesthetic appeal. These projects enhance visual allure while contributing to efficient water management, creating verdant oases amidst the urban hustle. Our dedication continues through Maintenance services, ensuring these landscapes thrive with minimal intervention, reducing ongoing costs.

In addition to these specialized services, Evergreen Landcare offers a range of general services, each tailored to complement Wellington’s unique environment. Native Planting and Ecological Planting practices preserve biodiversity and create habitats that harmonize with the local environment. Amenity Planting adds sophistication to public spaces, while Mulching and Weed Matting provide protective layers, suppressing weed growth and retaining moisture for healthier landscapes. Our creation of Tree Pits further enhances the cityscape, offering green respites for residents and visitors alike.

Erosion Control Innovations: Safeguarding Wellington’s Green Legacy

Evergreen Landcare’s cutting-edge Erosion Control solutions play a vital role in preserving Wellington’s landscapes.
Hydro Mulching blankets the soil with a nutrient-rich mixture, promoting rapid seed germination and preventing erosion.
The application of HydroSkin acts as a protective layer, reducing water usage and enhancing soil stability.
Hay Mulching provides insulation, conserving moisture and suppressing weed growth.
The use of Soil Saver Matting ensures long-term soil stability, preventing erosion and supporting vegetation establishment.
Complementing these, our expertise extends to Hydroseeding, Hydrosoil, Bioblanket, and Grassing – comprehensive services that fortify landscapes against erosion, ensuring sustainability and resilience.

Evergreen Landcare invites Wellington residents and businesses to be part of this journey of environmental stewardship.

For inquiries and consultations, connect with our dedicated Regional Manager:
Simon Mitchener
Regional Manager
Contact: 027 249 1998
Email: [email protected]

Visit us at 20 Mulhern Road, Wellington, and witness the transformation of landscapes into thriving ecosystems.

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    Sediment and Erosion Control

    Civil Landscaping

    Over 40 Years Experience

    Sediment and Erosion Control

    Civil Landscaping

    Over 40 Years Experience

    Sediment and Erosion Control

    Civil Landscaping

    Over 40 Years Experience


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