Dust Control

To ensure your business or company complies with ever increasing environmental pressures, Evergreen Landcare can provide a number of different dust suppressant products to suit your specific needs.

These products can be used and are successful over a wide variety of surfaces, from unsealed local government roads to underground mine roads, capable of tolerating the heaviest of vehicles and traffic intensity and most importantly they can be used in environmentally sensitive areas.

Specialised dust suppressant products require fewer maintenance applications than normal water cart applications.

As well as being used for dust control, products can also be used to help benefit soil stabilisation and erosion control.

‘When Dust is affecting your operational safety and productivity then give one of the team a call and we can discuss with you and organise a specific dust suppression program most suited to your site specifics’.


Airborne dust from construction / industry sites is a problem for a number of reasons,. By utilising our dust control systems you will:

  • Eliminate dust-related health problems, particularly for those with respiratory problems.
  • Prevent environmental degradation, including air and water pollution.
  • Reduce problems with visibility.
  • Prevent damage and soiling of property and belongings.
  • Create safer working conditions.
  • Prevent machinery degradation e.g. clogging filters reducing running efficiency, causing wear on bearings and other running parts.
There are further benefits:
  • Enhanced business reputation.
  • Better working conditions for staff.
  • Better working relationships with clients and the community.
  • Improvements in relations with regulatory authorities, e.g. Local Government.
  • Reduction of health risks resulting from air pollution.
  • Reduction in air & water pollution.
  • Fewer disturbances to existing flora and fauna habitats.
  • Better erosion control and soil stabilisation.

With our dust control services, Evergreen Landcare can assist with remaining within environmental guidelines and requirements. 

We provide a number of different dust suppressant products to suit your specific needs.

Over 40 years experience in large civil landscaping projects 

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