Evergreen Landcare specialise in lawn installations in smaller residential properties, larger lifestyle blocks, to horse arenas, sport fields, and golf courses.

. We can advise you through the sub grade preparation, drainage, topsoil supply and installation, to sowing in a turf type of your preference. We can also offer turf type selection advice to ensure you are sowing the correct type for your environment. Evergreen Landcare also offers soil nutrients testing as a part of your lawn installation or renovation.

Topsoil Supply, Spread and Lawn Preparation

Lawn preparation is a vital step in gaining your dream lawn. Evergreen Landcare can assist with the planning process and the supply of materials including topsoil.

Like any other surface, there must be an adequate plan for water runoff and drainage. This is one of the first steps in the preparation process. A clean level finish with adequate drainage and weed free topsoil is most desirable.

Evergreen Landcare will ensure this every time. We have various machine types available to suit the job for topsoil spreading, cultivation, fertiliser applications and drainage techniques, sometimes it is the good old wheelbarrow and shovel method which we are not afraid of doing.

Hydroseed Lawn

Lawn Hydro Seeding is a common practice today and is a means to quickly establish a healthy lawn.

Seed of your choice, or our recommendation, is applied evenly over your lawn in a green slurry that consists of wood fibre, starter fertiliser, and tacking agents.

The purpose of the wood fibre is to retain moisture as it is developed through a heating process and compressed into a very fine fibre. The water retaining ability of this product is what makes it unique whereby it can be used in an array of situations from lawn applications to soil erosion and sediment control methods.

Hydro Seeding guarantees you the best result every time.

Ready Lawn

Ready lawn is a means to completely transform any space instantly. It is a great method if you are looking for a quick turnaround on your landscaping renovations, or you are looking to sell your property and want the desired finish look. Ready lawn also comes in a range of species varying in price /m.

Evergreen Landcare specialise in the installation of ready lawn all around NZ on various projects including retirement homes, public spaces, and private residences. Like any lawn renovation, preparation is needed before the turf is installed to ensure a smooth finish.

Ready lawn still has an establishment period to allow time for the plant roots to re-establish into the soil.

Artifical Lawn

Evergreen Landcare are experts in all types of grass including artificial grass supply and install, it is a great alternative to real grass where space and time are at a premium for the owner.

We have installed artificial turf on many sites up and down the country including retirement villages, town house developments and high end private homes including a house in Christchurch showcased thru the TV series Grand designs.

Astro turf products have many different colour/shade options and now can be hard to distinguish between real grass and Astroturf.

Sediment and Erosion Control

Civil Landscaping

Over 40 Years Experience

Sediment and Erosion Control

Civil Landscaping

Over 40 Years Experience

Sediment and Erosion Control

Civil Landscaping

Over 40 Years Experience


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