Planting is an essential and grand aspect to many of our projects and one of Evergreen Landcare’s Core Business functions. There are many different aspects and functions that planting is required for. 

Planting can provide the visual and functional finishing to a project, it can provide amenity areas for the public, habitat for the local ecology and aid in treating environmental impacts. Regardless of size, make-up, complexity or location around NZ, Evergreen Landcare can provide competitive solutions to deliver your planting project.

Amenity Planting

Amenity environments are spaces which are valued for their natural, amenity and physical character. These predominately large green open spaces provide excellent opportunities for restoration planting, habitat creation, heritage plantings or beautifying areas. Many of these environments are for recreational purposes which could be enhanced through planting.

Evergreen Landcare has been involved in multiple Amenity planting projects across the country from Development areas, Parks and Playgrounds, Retirement Villages and Public Open Space. We thrive in this environment and are always keen to be involved. Get in touch with us should you require pricing for a project of any scale.

View our Showcases – Retirement Villages:
Cambridge Oaks 

Infrastructure Project Planting

Large or small infrastructure projects require planting for several reasons. Whether it is for visual aesthetics, erosion control, revegetation post-earth works, or a combination of all, the planting is one of the key elements that complete the project.

Sometimes the coordination and methodology is the most difficult part of delivering these projects. Evergreen Landcare has had multiple projects where innovative applications have been used to transport plants into difficult locations, helicopters, tractors and cranes are some of the techniques we have used to achieve the requirements of the project on time and on budget.

Additionally, Large Scale Infrastructure Projects always require the highest level of Health and Safety, our staff all have the required unit standards to work these sites throughout NZ, along with our ISO accreditation Evergreen Landcare is a competitive option to consider when looking for contractors for Infrastructure Project Planting.

Some of our key Infrastructure Planting projects are the Transmission Gully Project, Manawatu Gorge Bypass, Awakino Bypass and Waikeria Prison   

Ecological Mitigation Planting

Ecological Mitigation planting involves the implementation of a landscape plan that builds on nature to offset an approved development that occurred near by.

Evergreen Landcare can provide innovative methodologies to help achieve your offsite Ecological Mitigation Planting that considers the least impact possible.

This could be through;

  • Hydroseeding native seed.
  • Applying Hydrosoil prior to planting to introduce nutrients and organic matter to low fertility soil
  • Low impact access solutions to reduce environmental impact
  • Low impact weeds control methods
  • Competitive supply and planting rates
  • Long term maintenance of plants and pest control

Some of our key infrastructure planting projects are the Transmission Gully Project, Manawatu Gorge Bypass, Awakino Bypass and Waikeria Prison.

Riparian And Wetland Planting

The Wetland and Riparian zone are an important zone for land and water interactions. Most runoff must pass over or through the soil and vegetation of this zone before it reaches the adjacent water body.

Riparian areas have a crucial influence on water quality – especially light and temperature, as well as flows. Wetlands and Riparian zones act as buffers which moderate the adverse effects of adjacent land uses on stream, lake, or estuarine systems.
Creating a Wetland and Riparian planting will add significant aesthetic as well as environmental values to your project.

Evergreen Landcare has over 40 years’ experience in the environmental industry, and we would love to help you on your project.

Whether it be restoring your existing wetland or riparian zone or assisting with the planting of your newly formed stormwater catchment in your subdivision, Evergreen Landcare can assist.
From the initial site preparation, spraying and noxious weed control, fencing and planting we can assist with it all right through to maintaining your planting until canopy closure is achieved.


 See flyover of planting Evergreen Landcare completed at Ararimu Downs 

Street Tree Planting

With new developments and streetscape upgrades comes new street trees, at Evergreen Landcare Ltd we have a broad range of machinery, technical and horticultural experience to assist with a range of street tree planting options.

From 45L grade street trees through to 1000L grade specimen trees, trees that requiring specialist strata cells, rootball anchor systems and detailed drainage plans Evergreen Landcare has the capabilities and experience to complete it all. Excavation, drainage and connection, media backfill and trees supplied and installed, we can help in a timely, safe and efficient manner.

Some of our showcase projects are;

Karangahapi Road upgrade, Auckland
Hurstmere Road upgrade, Auckland
Hamilton Transport Hub, Waikato
Navigation Heights, Wellington
Ferry Road, Christchurch

Mechanical Planting

Evergreen Landcare prides itself on Innovation. Imported from Europe, our mechanical planting head, mounted on an excavator, not only cultivates the soil, digs the hole, applies fertiliser, and then plants selected natives, or pines in their correct location. Planting around 2,000 specimens in the ground each day without getting fatigued.

Sediment and Erosion Control

Civil Landscaping

Over 40 Years Experience

Sediment and Erosion Control

Civil Landscaping

Over 40 Years Experience

Sediment and Erosion Control

Civil Landscaping

Over 40 Years Experience


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