Evergreen Landcare can provide cost effective cultivation, preparation, sowing, and fertilising services to it’s customers. This helps provide the complete package when it comes to the reinstatement of large land development projects throughout New Zealand.

Cultivation and Preparation of the seed bed can be carried out using a range of specialist equipment such as a rotary hoe, discs, deep rippers, a maxitill, harrows, levelling equipment and a power harrow. All have their specific purpose and can be tailored to suit each individual site.

Spraying and Site Clearance

We have the ability to clear your site of all existing vegetation, target weed species, and mechanically remove vegetation. 

Evergreen Landscapes has a wide range of specialised equipment and we can deal with both large and small areas effectively, whether the work is done with sprayers, mowers or mulchers.

Our team has all the correct qualifications to perform this work including  “GrowSafe” certification.

Ground Cultivation

Evergreen Landcare has a wide range of cultivation equipment to ensure the ultimate seed bed or finish.

We work with “deep rippers”, “discs”, a variety of ploughs, “power harrows”, “stone buriers”, “level bars”, “power rakes” and multitude of agricultural and land preparation tools to achieve a wide range of desired results. 

Often the quality of the cultivation of the soil can be put down to the success of the crop or grass sward. Evergreen Landcare has a team of experienced staff and wide range of tools to suit all types of soil conditions.

Seed Drilling

With a wide range of drilling equipment, we can prepare both large and small landscape areas. We have the ability to drill sport and turf surfaces that range from small subdivisions to large agricultural paddocks or streetscapes. 

Sowing can be carried out in a number of forms designed to suit each site.

We have specialised landscape drills with rollers attached to carry out precise sowing on sports fields, turf areas, and high profile sites if required. In addition we also have broadcast seeders behind a tractor or quad bike that can be used for a more cost effective reinstatement solution. The seed is normally rolled into the surface or lightly covered using harrows.

Fertiliser Spreading

It is important that the soil receives the right nutrients for the desired crop or finish to be achieved. 

Fertilising is critical to achieving a healthy vegetation cover and Evergreen Landcare can offer a wide range of specialist fertilisers to suit each site. We have the ability to obtain soil tests prior to the application to determine what is required and then the most cost effective fertiliser can be recommended. Once this is determined we have the ability to apply it using specialist equipment suitable for the site.


Evergreen Landcare can supply and construct all sports field designs, both new constructions and renovation of existing ones.

We can supply and install specified topsoil media, install drainage, level out to grade, installation of turf and maintain.

Our specialist gear is custom made to undertake the works to a sports field quality. Once the site is levelled out, we can offer a number of options to turf your sports field to fit your budget. Our preferred application we recommend a combination of cross drill seeding and a Hydro mulch application over the top. This process can be manipulated to allow for a wide range of budgets.

Depending on the seed required and time of year our expert staff will give you the best option to achieve your desired results.

Sediment and Erosion Control

Civil Landscaping

Over 40 Years Experience

Sediment and Erosion Control

Civil Landscaping

Over 40 Years Experience

Sediment and Erosion Control

Civil Landscaping

Over 40 Years Experience


Site Safe
ISO 45001:2018
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015