Ben Cunningham

Ben joined the business in 2010 and learned from the ground up. He is now a company director and shareholder.

Under Bens leadership the company has expanded its operations with bases across the country, offering the full package of Landcare services in relation to sediment and erosion control, land restoration and improvements, and landscaping. The company has grown from having 10 employees to now over 80 employees with a range of skills from truck drivers, machine operators, landscapers, and skilled labourers. Along with a strong management team, Evergreen Landcare can complete anything from large national projects to small residential projects.

With the support of a strong Management team, Ben will continue to develop new business opportunities to take the company to the next exciting step in a challenging environment and will ensure that Evergreen Landcare remains a market leader in the industry.

Email: [email protected] 

Ph: 027 465 7099

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